Want to write a press release but don't know where to start? 

Do you have a beautifully-crafted website or blog but no content to put in it?

Let me help!

I  specialise in working with clients to create compelling content that  will truly capture your message. I believe that this is a completely  collaborative process: Nobody knows your story better than you do - and I  can help you transfer what is in your brain onto the page.

I am happy to discuss any freelance brief, or can work on a more regular basis to keep your content fresh.

i specialise in:

Press releases

I worked in press releases for 16 years and know them inside out. I can help you craft simple, effective content quickly and easily.

Website content

Your website is your most important marketing tool so it makes sense to keep your messaging strong and your content fresh.

Blogs and articles

Blogs only work if you've got something new to say. Less formal than press releases, they are a great way of reaching consumer audiences.

Thought leadership

Platforms like LinkedIn are useful for sharing industry expertise. I can ghost-write by-lined pieces to keep your message sharp.

White papers

Long-form content like reports and white papers demonstrate your credibility and help give your business industry-wide recognition.  

International transcription

I transcribe, edit or create quality content for a number of international organisations who do not have English as their first language.  


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