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Stop-start visas and delicious bottoms: How language can make Macrons of us all

 Collaboration with an English “ghostwriter” can help European leaders improve their international communication by turning high-quality conversational English into true “mother-tongue” written English  

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Brave New World

In October 2016 I left my job of 16 years and decided to turn freelance. Life-affirming joy or unmitigated disaster? I'll keep you posted! 

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Ghostwriter for Hire!

 How co-writing thought leadership pieces for executives and entrepreneurs can help them better engage with their audiences.

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Home Away from Home

Coffee shop? Park? Pub?

Seven workable “office” locations for the modern freelancer.

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BBC Paying the Price

The publication of salary details for the public broadcaster’s top talent has caused moral consternation in the print media and beyond. But is the outrage justified? 

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The "Slow-Burn" Effect

 Holding back key nuggets of information, and "drip-feeding" your story over a series of content pieces can help build anticipation and drive audience engagement 

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Whatever happened to the truth?

Fighting to regain your trust: News agencies hold the key as the mainstream media battles to maintain its credibility in the Fake News era. 

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